Owl Tattoo: sense, philosophy, combinations, tips on care, pricing policy

Owl Tattoo: sense, philosophy, combinations, tips on care, pricing policy

Meaning of a tattoo with an owl

The importance of tattoos for owls is similar for men and women – for some nations it is a kind symbol representing wisdom, mystery and mysticism, and for others, a messenger of hard times and even death. Many people, this night predator scares its piercing gaze, a deaf eerie voice and noiseless wings of wings.

When drawing a tattoo of an owl on his hand, a number of popular beliefs and meanings should be taken into account. For example, if in many countries of Europe and on the territory of America the owl has always been a symbol of protection, an amulet, the embodiment of wisdom and erudition, then in the countries of Asia and Oceania, everything is somewhat more complicated.

For example, in China, an owl tattoo is very often found in criminals – thieves, robbers and murderers. In India, a bird is taken as a messenger of death and a guide of the soul to the afterlife. In Japan and the Celts, the owl was perceived as a night witch (by the way, as in Mexico). Therefore, when traveling to these countries it is better to think before demonstrating a tattoo with passers-by (so, it will be possible to avoid misunderstandings). It should be noted that tattoos for owls for women have about the same importance as for men.

  1. The image of an owl in the night forest with roses carries more sacred character – this bird has always been a symbol of the night, mysticism and personified not only wisdom but also fearlessness. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women.

Owl Tattoo photo - 2

“Heaven lives in the heart of every owl, and owls live in the sky.”

2. An image of an owl, stylized as an Indian pattern in colors – a tattoo with a mystical “hue”. Imitates wisdom, craving for knowledge, fearlessness and rich life experience.

Owl Tattoo photo - 3

Tattoo Philosophy

Despite the peaceful image of the owl in many cultures, in most cases, it was treated as an accomplice to death, darkness, witches and other evil spirits. The owl became the messenger image that connects the worlds of the living and the dead. Many shamans and sorcerers believe that it can transmit messages, between deceased and living people. Do not be misled by the fact that modern cultures and religions have become more “advanced” – even in Christianity the owl is still considered an accomplice to sorcerers and witches.

3. A sweet little pig with the inscription “Never Cose Hope” says not only that a person loves cute owls. The inscription translates as “never lose hope,” which already speaks volumes.

Owl Tattoo photo - 4

Types of tattoos of an owl

The style and technique of drawing tattoos also play a huge role. For example, if an owl is painted in a realistic style, then a person triples everything in this world and likes his life. The more complex the image of an owl and the more bizarre forms it takes, the more difficult it is for the owner of such a tattoo on the ground. If you see a person having a small suvenk on his wrist or ankle, this may indicate that the person is experiencing some kind of heartache or has experienced a serious loss.

4. A cute little owl who looks at the moon, says that a person has great knowledge in terms of sciences and life. He likes to think about life and is always ready to come to the aid of others and give good advice.

Owl Tattoo photo - 9

5. An owl on a branch is a symbol of wisdom, maturity of mind and just stamina. These night predators horrified not only small animals and snakes in the night, but also frightened many generations of people with their deep, intelligent eyes

Owl Tattoo photo - 12

“You can train all your life, but you will not come off the ground until you believe in yourself.”

Very often the image of an owl can be found:

  • Owl tattoos on the back;
  • On shoulders;
  • On the wrists and ankles;
  • Rarely on the thigh.

6. Cute suvenok becomes a real decoration of the female body, regardless of the location of the tattoo. The owner of such a tattoo has an extraordinary mindset, is distinguished by wisdom, deep knowledge of life and just a kind, sympathetic person.

Owl Tattoo photo - 14

Combinations and a combination of a tattoo with an owl

Owl is a night predator, the image of which perfectly combines with many objects, plants, patterns and other animals.

Consider the common options:

  • An owl and a wolf;
  • With a dream catcher;
  • With flowers and trees;
  • With a bird cage;
  • With inscriptions; 
  • With the clock; 
  • With blood, etc.

To list it is possible very long, we have considered only popular variants.

Preparing for tattooing

Before you apply an image of an owl to your body, you should prepare and perform a number of compulsory actions:

  • Select the image of the owl that you really want to apply to the part of the body;
  • Identify the location of the tattoo; 
  • Choose a good master who has a portfolio and feedback from other customers;
  • On the day when you are going to stuff a tattoo, you need to be mentally ready for it, completely relax;
  • Do not be afraid for the result, tense up and twitch under the hand of the master.

The specialist knows his job well and is responsible for the work done. In the rest, everything depends on you!

Care of a tattoo

There are a number of recommendations for tattoo care:

  • Experts recommend to apply the tattoo in the period from September to May – so you can protect the new tattoo from direct exposure to sunlight (it will not fade);
  • Follow the recommendations of the caretaker for the finished tattoo;
  • After applying the tattoo, rinse it with cold water with bactericidal soap;
  • Wet, not wipe, with a dry towel;
  • Edit the owl image with ointment;
  • Put a disposable film on the tattoo.

On the first day, repeat the procedure every 2-3 hours. In the days that follow, 3-4 times a day, until the tattoo is fully healed.

The average cost of creating an owl tattoo

On average, a color tattoo on the forearm will cost the client $ 200-250. If you want a small image on your wrist or ankle, you can quite keep within $ 50-100.



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