Military Sleeve Tattoo: the value of army tattoos, quotes, the philosophy of military tattoos, the types of army tattoos, their cost

Military Sleeve Tattoo: the value of army tattoos, quotes, the philosophy of military tattoos, the types of army tattoos, their cost

  1. Image in the style of military, displaying the fightingMilitary

The importance of army tattoos to ordinary civilians simply does not understand, if previously they did not serve in the army or did not fight (except for civilians caught in the war zone). As it became clear, the main theme of such tattoos is army, or related to war.

In most cases, people close to the army, stuffing tattoos with the emblems of their military units, arms and units. Less often, they inflict pictures of national flags and weapons, names of living and dead friends, numbers of military units and personal tokens of “suicide bombers”.

2. Collective tattoo for 4 people. It depicts the actions of the US military and the call of “Uncle Sam” to defend the Motherland


War would be a picnic, if not lice and dysentery. Margaret Mitchell

3. Color tattoo sleeve, displaying the horrors of war


War is a series of catastrophes leading to victory. Georges Clemenceau

4. “Rats grow fat, and the brave die” – a quote with a visual tattoo


You can not become a good soldier, without some stupidity. Florence Nightingale

5. Animated tattoo depicting war


The quickest way to end the war is to lose it. George Orwell

There are many statements about the war, among which you can find both rude and delicate ones.

6. “We are the people …” – extract from the declaration of independence


Philosophy of military tattoos

Army tattoos for women, as for men, carry a simple, yet profound meaning. They are called upon to show others that their peaceful life is due to the death of other people. These soldiers, boys and girls, go to all and give lives, so that the peaceful sky is always above their native cities and their countries.

Types of army tattoos

Army tattoos for men can be divided into several categories:

  • With numbers of units and units, with emblems, etc .;
  • With portraits of close friends, their names and skulls (tribute to memory);
  • National flags and weapons (points to patriotism);
  • Animals (rage, sadness, hunting for the enemy, etc.).

In most cases, they are called upon to unite previously served veterans and ordinary military personnel even in unfamiliar cities. People with such tattoos quickly find their own in the crowd and easily tie acquaintance with them.

7. Emblem of the American military unit


Popular combinations of army tattoos

There are many combinations of drawings in army tattoos.

Among them, very often there are the following types:

  • Skulls, bones and weapons;
  • Flag of the native country on a background with a weapon;
  • Warfare scenarios and signatures in the form of duty stations and dates;
  • Predatory animals, which are often the emblems of units;
  • Attributes of military service – berets, death tokens, chevrons, parachutes, tanks, etc.

As for the places of their application, they are packed:

  • Shoulders and forearms;
  • On the back, shoulder blades and neck (behind);
  • On hips, calves and legs;
  • On the fingers and hands (often there are army tattoos sleeve – from the shoulder to the brush);
  • On the chest and stomach.

8. Patriotic tattoo of a soldier who fought in hot spots


In general, army tattoos are packed with the wishes of the serviceman. He can independently assemble a combination of drawings that turn into a unique and entertaining drawing. But, basically, it is directly related to their service.

9. Tattooed soldiers who fought in Vietnam, Iraq and Libya


Preparing for tattooing

Before you apply a tattoo to your body, the client needs the following:

  • Determine in advance the pattern, the place of its application and the dimensions;
  • Pre-select a suitable tattoo parlor with a master who has a lot of positive feedback and portfolio of his work;
  • Select the date and time. Before applying the tattoo on the body, the client should be relaxed and calm. All tension and negative emotions can be transmitted to the tattoo through the skin, and in the end, the client will not get the desired result;
  • After drawing the image, you must follow all the recommendations of the master who made the tattoo.

It should be noted that military tattoos on the hand are better applied in the period from September to April. At this time, the human skin is covered with a jacket or jacket that protects it from exposure to sunlight, and it does not burn out.

10. “Freedom is not free” on the flag of the United States


Care of a tattoo

Caring for a tattoo is very simple:

  • On the first day, after applying the tattoo on the body, it must be washed with warm water and soap, gently soak (and not wipe!) Moisture, treat with ointment and cover with a film;
  • This procedure is repeated every 3-5 hours in the first 2-3 days;
  • After 2-3 days, the procedure can be repeated 2-3 times a day, until the tattoo is fully healed;
  • As an ointment, it is recommended to use “Bepanten” or “Panthenol”.

Competent care of the tattoo will save the image the way his master did.

11. The image of a sniper on his shoulder


12. Military police tattoo


13. Tattoo of the American Marine, with the image of the flag and rifle M-16


14. Tattoo of a mercenary soldier, depicting the horrors of war and legionaries


15. A tattoo depicting the emblem of the US rangers and a list of friends of the serviceman


Cost of Army Tattoo

In this case, it all depends on the size of the tattoo and the location of its application. For example, if it is stuffed on the shoulder, then on average, the client will have to spend on it 150-200 $. When tattooing on the chest or back, depending on the size, the cost of tattooing can range from $ 250-700 (affects the size, complexity of the drawing, black and white or color). There are more expensive works.

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