Lotus Flower Tattoo: meaning of tattoo, quotes, philosophy and cost

Lotus Flower Tattoo: meaning of tattoo, quotes, philosophy and cost

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Meaning of tattoo

Lotus flower tattoos have several meanings, which often changed, moving from one culture to another.

  • In Hinduism and Buddhism, it is a symbol of perfection and divinity, a desire to develop a spiritual principle, purity and compassion.
  • The Lotus of Buddhists and Jainists is one of the eight sacred symbols (Ashtamangala) that bring prosperity and enlightenment, are used in important ceremonies.
  • Hindus also have a hint of femininity, femininity and fertility. Close to this and the understanding of the Japanese is chastity. In many ways, lotus tattoos are most popular among women
  • In ancient times in Egypt, the lotus growing on the banks of the Nile, meant a sharp mind, a desire for truth and eternal life.
  • Phoenicians, Assyrians and Hittites associated the plant with burial – death, rebirth and a new life after it.
  • In Iran, the plant was revered as a symbol of the sun.
  • The Greeks and Romans had a lotus flower of Aphrodite or Venus.
  • In the Mayan civilization, personified the universe and the planet Earth itself.
  • In the mountains of Tibet, the lotus was a sign of mystery and mystery. 
  • Also in Asia, this flower, resisting adversity and making its way from the bottom, often symbolizes perseverance and masculinity.

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Sayings, quotes of famous people about the lotus

Ancient proverbs and sayings

When you fall in love – and the monkey is beautiful, when you do not love – and the lotus is ugly. (China)

The lotus breaks, the threads stretch. (China)

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The lotus grows in the swamp, but the white one. (Japan)

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There are many lotuses on the water, fertility will be great. (Egypt)

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Lotus flowers – a ship on which drowning among the ocean of life can find salvation. (India)

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Quotes of famous people

Time and eternity are two aspects of the same perception of the whole, two planes of a single, non-dualistic ineffability; Thus, the treasure of eternity rests on the lotus of birth and death. (J. Campbell)

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Lotus – flowers of words and forgetfulness … (EM Remarque) Lotus symbolizes the life of man, like the universe. (HP Blavatsky)

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Drops of water fall on the petals, but continue to slip without touching them. The lotus remains unaffected … It carries the whole meaning of the Eastern consciousness. He says: “Be like a lotus, that’s all. Remain unaffected, and control will be in your hands. Remain unaffected, and you will be master. (Osho)

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Love is not lust, it’s true; but love is not devoid of lust – this is also true. Love is higher than lust, yes, but if you completely destroy lust, you will destroy the very possibility that a flower emerges from the mud. Love is a lotus, lust is dirt from which the lotus grows. (Osho)

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Recently, my ideas about life and death have fundamentally cracked, and this moss has become a moss of doubt and a lichen of assumptions. Or, if you like, lotuses of doubt and hyacinth of assumptions. You do not want? Well, do not … (GL Oldi)

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The image of the lotus flower in Asia goes back centuries, from this region it spread all over the world. Lotus – one of the most frequently repeated symbols of Asian culture, its numerous repetitions are found in decorative and applied art, associated with Buddhist mythology.

In Buddhism, the plant denotes purity and purity. Its roots go deep into the ground, and the petioles persistently rise upwards through the muddy water of ponds and leisurely rivers. In this case, the bud itself with tender petals dissolves clean and light, resists dirt and darkness.

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Types of tattoos

The value of tattoo lotus also depends on the chosen color scheme:

  • white – the desire for spiritual enlightenment and perfection;
  • Black – the creative beginning, intuition;
  • red – strong love, true heart, burning passion, emotionality;
  • scarlet – overcoming complexes and shortcomings, femininity and fertility, eternal change of life and death;
  • blue – wisdom;
  • blue – peace and complete harmony;
  • pink – respect for the gods, divinity, religiosity; 
  • purple – mysterious and mysterious.

The place of drawing of a drawing can be any, however it is impossible to forget about divine and religious implication of a lotus – choose a site of a skin consciously. It will be very impressive to look great lotus tattoos on the back, neck or shoulder blade. But the thicket is filled with lotus tattoos on the arm – a wrist, a wrist, a forearm.

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Celebrities who chose the lotus

In Janelle Parrish, the flower adorns the left wrist,

and Katy Perry has the right one. Below him, Debra Wilson placed him on the arm and on his arm,

Ellie Golding chose the ribs on the right side.

Bishop Briggs entered the plant in a stylized oval picture on the forearm. Malin Ackerman made a black lotus on her back, and at Asia Argento there are several buds together with a complex abstraction.

On the wrist of Jessica Alba, the word “lotus” is accurately displayed in Sanskrit.

Popular combinations with a lotus image

The image of the lotus is often supplemented by other, related to Asian culture and Buddhism – divine mantras, lucky carp, hieroglyphs or dragons, denoting strong will, leadership, confidence and cold intellect. Circles, points and other abstractions are also popular.

Preparation for drawing

Tattooing is a very painful and often long process. It will be much easier if you follow these rules:

  • Ink is better placed on moistened skin, so a day before the procedure it is recommended to drink plenty of water, and a week – apply moisturizer on dry areas. Avoid sunburn and any sunburn in place of the tattoo.
  • Alcohol and other products that make blood more liquid are completely counter-indicative for at least two days.
  • You need to choose clothes that will easily open the skin in the right place and allow the master to calmly put a tattoo there.
  • Do not be afraid to eat more before going to the tattoo parlor – you will need strength to endure the pain.

In addition, in advance, think through or draw a sketch of the tattoo yourself, understanding the meaning of all its symbols, choose the color, the place on the body and the size. It is also advisable to consult with tattooists in advance.

Tips for caring for a tattoo

A good master will immediately remind you how to take care of a fresh drawing right after the end of the session, and will issue a memo. Usually recipes all differ slightly. But if you have not been told anything, remember that a few weeks on the ink should not get water. Several times a day, apply a healing ointment and apply an absorbent film. As if the new tattoo is not itching, do not give in, and after full healing – always smear it with sunscreen.

Average cost of creating a tattoo

The price of a tattoo in the US depends heavily on the time that the master spent on work, the city and the complexity of the drawing. It can also be affected by the inaccessibility of the ink application site. On average, you will have to pay about $ 200, and the hourly rate ranges from $ 75 to $ 150.


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