Flower Tattoos: sense, philosophy, combinations, tips on care, pricing policy

Flower Tattoos: sense, philosophy, combinations, tips on care, pricing policy

The meaning of tattoos with flowers

Girls often prefer to make tattoos of flowers, inscriptions and stars. The leader in this collection are flowers, so we’ll look at them. Because of popularity, many are interested in the importance of tattoo colors. Basically, flowers are a sign of fragility, submission, femininity, sexuality, tenderness and grace. There are exceptions.

  1. The lily in the performance of black and gray symbolizes purity and incontinence.

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Consider the most popular tattoo colors for women:

  • Rose is the most popular and adored flower by women. She represents pure love and a vivid passion. If a rose with spines, it is a symbol of loss and rebellion.
  • Lotus – a revered flower in the east, especially the beautiful floor. The value of a flower is dualism. Good and evil, the beginning and the end. This flower is imbued with the wisdom of the East.
  • Sakura – conveys the spirit of transience of the passing away time.
  • Chrysanthemum – a sign of happiness and peace.
  • Orchid – brings happiness and well-being. In ancient times, the warriors of the East considered this flower a sign of heroism.
  • Lily – personifies beauty and sinlessness.

2. Miniature color tattoos suitable for young women.

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Многие делают татуировки именно из-за моды, а татуировка должна носить твой характер и состояние души. Для меня это не украшение — для меня это жизнь. – Dwayne Johnson

3. One of the compositions that unite the flower and the bird into a single philosophy.

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Philosophy of floral tattoos

There are several floral images that have filled the culture with their own philosophy and veneration. So in the East pay special attention to lotus and sakura. They carry their philosophy for many centuries. Sakura was originally intended only for the upper strata of the population, which gave it nobility. Lotus also united Yin and Yang. In the west, these flowers became a rose and a lily. They embody the same philosophy as their friends from the West.

4. A bouquet of flowers on the foot and ankle makes the girl more sexy.

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Types of Flower Tattoos

Tattoos with flowers are in all types from “old school” to modern watercolors. The most popular for today are the directions of Black Wolves, Realism and Watercolor.

5. Bright flowers on the shoulder with the back reflect the entire creative nature of the girl.

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Popular combinations of such tattoos

  • Tattoo flowers on the hip are often combined with mythical creatures.
  • The tattoo of flowers on the arm is usually diluted with a skull, where the flower is a rose.
  • Tattoo flowers on the back are also complemented by skulls, skeletons, mythical creatures.
  • Tattoo flowers on the side complement the patterns and stars.
  • Tattoo flowers on the shins are complemented by butterflies, birds or fish.
  • Tattoo flowers on the neck, usually do not add anything, and the flower is often a lotus.

6. The lotus on the wrist became the mascot of the girl, attracting her attention to herself.

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Preparation for drawing a tattoo

First, you must select a sketch or request work from the wizard. Discuss with him the place to be applied.

After we have made a choice, you need to adhere to the following tips the day before the session:

  • Drink a lot;
  • Do not dilute blood;
  • Eat well;
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing;
  • Prepare the skin – the area on which it is applied to be shaved.

7. Work in the style of black and gray with a large scale will not leave indifferent any guy.

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Use ointment

  • The master after the session will wrap the tattoo film.
  • After coming home, wash it with antibacterial soap.
  • Allow to dry for 15 minutes.
  • Then apply a cream, for example, Hustle Butter.
  • Apply the cream with the film 2 times a day for about 10 days until complete healing.

8. Bright flower in pink shades gives the owner tenderness and fragility.

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9. The composition of a flower with numbers has some symbolism.

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10. Flower composition on the collarbone displays creativity and sexuality.

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11. Watercolor style in colors adds grace and beauty to the owner.

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12. Tattoo with flowers on the side complemented by patterns.

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13. Colorful and juicy composition of flowers on the hand.

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Celebrities with these tattoos

Cheryl Ann Cole is one of the celebrities who chose to have her tattoo of flowers on her skin. Passing from the back to the hips, the tattoo will drive any man crazy, adding a lot of sexuality.

Average cost of creating a tattoo

The price of a tattoo depends on the skills of the master, the salon in which he works, the style of the tattoo and the place of application. The average cost of a tattoo is equal to a pack of cigarettes – $ 100. In this case, you need to consider different styles. If you want to fill a tattoo in the style of realism or a portrait – you will have to pay a round sum for the same size.

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