Anchors ideas tattoos: sense, philosophy, combinations, tips on care, pricing policy

Anchors ideas tattoos: sense, philosophy, combinations, tips on care, pricing policy

  1. Anchor “HOPE” – an illustration of the ship’s anchor “Hall” with the inscription “Hope”.

    Anchor Tattoo photo - 1

The value of an аnchors tattoo

To find out the values ​​of the tattoo with the image of the anchor, it is worth looking at history. Since its initial application was 2000 years ago. This image is a common tattoo in the US for more than 200 years.

2. Sea anchor with more pointed ends and a wooden bulb near the fasteners.

Anchor Tattoo photo - 4

Anchor is considered as a symbol that does not allow you to go astray, and no hurricane wind will stop you from remaining yourself so that it does not happen. Previously, this tattoo was applied to men who worked on ships and at sea. In America, a breakthrough in popularity was the stage when sailors began to anchor as a guard.
They symbolize hope, salvation, protection, strength and resilience to all storms. Also, the illustration of the anchor on the limbs means – a quick return home and a bottomless love of the sea.

3. Anchor completely made of silver metal.

Anchor Tattoo photo - 5

4. Anchor retro illustrated with a winding rope on the basis of the anchor.

Anchor Tattoo photo - 6

“The storms of life prove the strength of our anchor”

5. Sea anchor in a blue color against the background of red – pink birds.

Anchor Tattoo photo - 7

“Hope anchors the soul”

6. A simple not large metal anchor, often applied to the hands and feet.

Anchor Tattoo photo - 8

“You can’t control the wind but you can adjust the sails”

7. The anchor lies on the blue waves, and on the top five gulls circle.

Anchor Tattoo photo - 10

“Be an anchor in a world of shifting valves”

8. Anchor images in the style of an old black and white photo.

Anchor Tattoo photo - 12

“In high tide or low tide I will be by your side (always)”

The philosophy of tattooing the anchor

For many years there has been an image of a ship’s anchor on the body. On many continents, there is an interpretation of the value of the tattoo of the anchor and the very meaning of this image.

  • Power and stability. It is this tool that allows the vessel to settle in one place, despite storms and storms. And for this, the anchor is a symbol of a strong spirit and great willpower.
  • Strength and restraint. This means that a person can overcome everything on his thorny path.
  • Devotion and faith. Since the anchor keeps the ship in one place, it is often used together with the name of a loved one, which means constant fidelity and love to this person.
  • In ancient Egypt believed that the anchor stands for the male and female. Which in turn means life.

9. Black solid anchor made in the style of Blackwork.

Anchor Tattoo photo - 14

10. Anchor more copper shade «Im the captain, of my soul».

Anchor Tattoo photo - 15

Types of tattoo and combinations with other images

An anchor illustration can be executed in a variety of styles and designs. But you can divide it into popular types:

  • Anchor and heart (using couples in love);
  • Anchor and rose (love and unselfishness);
  • Anchor and rope or chain (workers at sea);
  • Anchor and cross (the so-called “cross of Hope”).

11. Black-and-white anchor with well-displayed shadows.

Anchor Tattoo photo - 16

Anchor is applied as a separate element, it can refer to a composition. What is often illustrated with other elements. It can be your favorite flowers, the names of people you are dear to you, the ship or the image of a woman. You can also draw a drawing in different styles and techniques of application.

12. Anchor with pointed ends in gray “Veit et sted”

Anchor Tattoo photo - 17

Celebrities having an аnchors tattoo

  • Kate Moss has an anchore tattoo on her right wrist;

  • Kelly Osborne is wearing a tattoo in the form of a multi-colored anchor, located on the left elbow;

  • Beth Ditto has a black anchore tattoo on his arm with the inscription “MOM”.

Preparation for drawing a tattoo

  • First, consume more liquid before going to the salon.
  • Pre-moisten the place where the tattoo will be located, so the surface will absorb the ink better.
  • For a couple of days it is not advisable to drink alcohol, as it dilutes the blood, as well as aspirin.
  • Wear comfortable loose clothing.
  • Eat well before the session so that you do not get sick, do not feel dizzy.
  • Carefully select a drawing, as the tattoo will remain for life.

Tips for caring for a tattoo

The main rule after applying an ancor tattoo is not to wet it and prevent sunlight from falling for a couple of weeks. Schedule a time for the tattoo, so that healing is not during the vacation. It is also necessary to change dressings in time, treating wounds with special means.

Average cost of creating a tattoo

In most tattoo shops, the cost per session is $ 100, and for an hour from $ 250 to $ 300. In Williamsburg talented tattoo artist Mark Cross takes a minimum of $ 100 to work. Illustration with the size of the palm will cost from $ 300 to $ 500. Thus, the approximate average price of an armature tattoo of a small size is $ 250.


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